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Serving the Nutrition, Health & Wellness Industry

To properly evaluate busine the nutrition, health and food industries, it is crucial to understand the key trends that shape product development and purchasing habits for the next decade. We offer this perspective.

Nutrition Industry Fundamentals: Healthy and Growing

Industry fundamentals point to healthy long term growth for the $215 billion U.S. nutrition and healthier foods industry.


Macro Trend: Shift from Traditional Processed to Healthy Foods

Since 2000, over $100 billion in U.S. annual sales have shifted from conventional processed to healthy lifestyle foods.


Macro Trend: Clinical Validation of Nutrition

Over the past four decades, nutrition has received increasing validation as a therapy of co-therapy for improving human health through scientific inquiry and clinical trials.


Macro Trend: Pharmaceutical Patent Cliff

Meanwhile, pharmaceutical companies are facing a “patent cliff” for blockbuster drugs and much higher costs for developing new drugs, forcing them to seek new methods of treatment that often incorporate nutrition.


Macro Trend: Category Maturation

Once a cottage industry without clear standards, the nutrition, health and wellness industry has matured to the point where it is a serious business with multiple attractive targets.


Macro Trend: Increasing Global Demand

Demographic and economic forces are converging to drive up global demand for food and nutrition resources, from basic foodstuffs to nutrition therapies.


Macro Trend: The Obesity Epidemic

The obesity epidemic is a major driver of change in both food and health care.


GSM Views of Trends in U.S. Food & Beverage

The Founders of GSM review over 200 business plans per year, have built new brands with over $1 billion in current annual sales, and maintain an extensive food industry network, shaping a unique point of view on the industry trends and opportunities.


GSM Views on Channels of Distribution

Channels of distribution for nutrition, food and beverage are continually adjusting to increased consumer demand for healthier, more nutritious offerings.

Selected Deals

Bond Technology Systems

Private Placement
Advisor & Principal - 2012

New Chapter

New Chapter sale to Procter & Gamble
$134 Million
Sellside Advisor - 2012


Nestlé acquitision of Novartis Medical Nutrition
$2.5 Billion
Principal 2007

Integrity Nutraceuticals International

HIG Acquisition of Integrity Nutraceuticals
Buyside Advisor - 2013