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GSM Views of Trends in U.S. Food & Beverage

The Founders of GSM review over 200 business plans per year, have built new brands with over $1 billion in current annual sales, and maintain an extensive food industry network, shaping a unique point of view on the industry trends and opportunities, including:

  • •   Mainstreaming of "Healthy" foods.
  • •   Favorable demographics as Baby Boomers age.
  • •   The rise of allergen free and specialty diet foods.
  • •   Foods pushing into the frontier of medicine: "Food Meets Pharma."
  • •   Consumer demand for getting closer to the product source and traceability.
  • •   The rise of probiotic foods and an explosion of knowledge about the microbiome.
  • •   Strong demand for naturally functional "superfoods."
  • •   More rapid mainstreaming of niches (e.g. gluten free).
  • •   Strategic players increased commitment to nutrition.
  • •   The slowing growth or even declining unit sales in traditional processed food space.
  • •   A maturing venture and private equity funding ecosystem for innovative companies.
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