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Macro Trend: Category Maturation

Once a cottage industry without clear standards, the nutrition, health and wellness industry has matured to the point where it is a serious business with multiple attractive targets.

Nutrition Industry Transactions by Type

Transaction Type20132012201120102009
OTC/Personal Care491285
Organic, Natural, Functional Foods6462766540
Total M&A15115918014073
Total Transactions240260243202133
Source: Nutrition Capital Network Database

Universe of U.S. Supplement Companies in 2013

MarketNumber of CompaniesSupplement Sales% of Market
Greater than $100M42$9,13344%
$20M - $100M95$3,74218%
Less than $20M718$2,24111%
Supplement Manufacturers/Marketers855$15,11672%
Multi-Level/Network Wholesale Value $3,14715%
Private/Store Label Wholesale Value $2,65113%
Total Wholesale Supplement Value $20,914100%
Consumer Sales ($mil) $34,902
*Companies with a substantial portion of revenues from contract manufacturing of supplements.

Source: Nutrition Business Journal [$mil., net sales (gross sales minus any returns, discounts or allowances)]. In the top company list, company revenues listed are wholesale for supplements only

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